#Ekadashi 2024

#Ekadashi refers to the variety eleven in Sanskrit. It means ‘11th day’. It refers to the 11th day of a fortnight. This fortnight begins off evolved from the brand-new moon day or Amavasya and ends at the Poornima or complete moon day. There are fortnights in a month in a Hindu calendar. The first fortnight is whilst the moon is in its waxing section. This is Shukla paksha or the brilliant fortnight. On the 11th day, the moon acquires 3/4th of its shape. The 2d fortnight or the waning section of the moon is known as Krishna Paksha or the darkish fortnight. On the 11th day of this section 3/4th of the moon disappears in darkness. Hence, it’s far called Krishna Paksha #Ekadashi.

#Ekadashi Importance

#Ekadashi is an afternoon committed to Lord Vishnu. Fast is found in this day on the way to devote the entire day to the worship of Lord Vishnu. Devotees chant Vishnu Mantra, study scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and sing bhajans which can be glorifying Lord Vishnu.

#Ekadashi Benefits There are many advantages of #Ekadashi vrat:

  1. In Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu has stated that Tulsi leaves, Kartik month and #Ekadashi day are his favourites. Therefore, a quick on #Ekadashi’s is sacred.
  2. Scientifically, the atmospheric strain in the world is least on #Ekadashi. Hence, consuming little in this day might be maximum productive. It will cleanse your machine and reduce off the frame fat.
  3. It cleanses the frame from any ailment or issues prompted because of horrific consuming habits.
  4. Dieticians prescribe rapid on a fortnightly basis, consequently this rapid serves each the functions to cleanse your frame and additionally easy your soul.
  5. Fast and willpower to God will assist you meditate and preserve your thoughts targeted on destiny goals.
  6. #Ekadashi is Lord Vishnu’s favourite day, subsequently needs prayers in this day does now no longer cross unanswered.
  7. Purana mentions that preserving an #Ekadashi rapid frees devotees from their sins. #Ekadashi Vrat #Ekadashi vrat or rapid begins off evolved from the night time of the day past until the morning following #Ekadashi day.

Eating non-veg items, tobacco, and alcohol are prohibited.

Ekadashi 2024